Utilize grip strut to create a non-slip texture while also ensuring a steady surface.  We carry grip strut in the following 博彩软件types:

Hot Rolled

Hot Rolled

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Grip Strut Defined

Often found below your feet, the grip strut safety grating shape creates great grippage to make the perfect non-slip environment. It’s commonly implemented in industrial flooring, inspection walkways, work platforms, catwalks, and rooftop walkways. Grip strut is also utilized in the trucking industry, especially in areas that regularly get snowy or icy weather, 博彩软件下载it being the base for safety steps on semi-trailer trucks. The grip strut shape is available in hot rolled, rectangular shapes.

Grip Strut Metal Types

Hot Rolled

Hot rolled steel is created by rolling steel at a high temperature that lends it to being easily shaped and formed. The mills that produce hot rolled are very efficient, consistently flattening the product into large rolls, which leads to lower costs for O’Neal 博彩软件app customers. Hot rolled steel is typically used in situations where precise shapes or tolerances are not required. It’s commonly utilized by the farming, construction, automotive, and mining industries. We sell various structural shapes including hot rolled steel bars.

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