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Hex Bar Defined

Typically used in gears, hex bars are a six-sided product that are considered a special shape. Often bought and sold in 16th increments, the hex bar shape is particularly popular in the manufacturing industry. It can be used in conveyor applications, large gears, and has other machine applications. This shape can be cut to custom lengths, and orders of different sizes are available depending on the customer’s specifications. We sell 6061 aluminum hex bars.

Hex Bar Metal Types


Aluminum is one of the most versatile materials available for engineering and construction purposes. Although it is light-weight, aluminum still boasts great strength and corrosion resistance. Aluminum products, such as tube or sheet, can be easily formed and machined, making it a simple 博彩软件type to work with. It’s commonly used in creating aircrafts, tanks, housing structures, and more. Beneficial aluminum properties include low mass, thermal and electrical conductivity, and high reflectivity. We are an aluminum pipe, bar, and plate supplier.

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